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Monday, April 7, 2008

An End to Soda drinking...so long fizzy drink

I love soda, I just do... I just love it...I love the way it just fizzes in my mouth and perks me right up on long hot summer's day, and back home there is this WONDERFUL soda that is only made in the Carolinas that is simply so yummy, once you taste it you're pretty much hooked...that's right..CHEERWINE..IT'S SO GOOD !!!!!
..DID YOU KNOW...ONE can of pepsi in a load of luandrey can remove oil and grease stains from your clothes..the kind of oil and grease stains you get from working on cars I want to add...did you also know that a can of coke can remove hard water stains from your toilet and shower....AND did you know that a can of soda can remove that crusty white stuff off of your car battery...hmmm....now if can remove all that stuff what is it removing from the inside of my body when I drink it..."Besides the increasingly explored link between high fructose corn syrup and American obesity, there are questions about how heavy soda consumption reduces the effectiveness of some antibiotics and how it indirectly increases kids’ likelihood for osteoporosis (because they’re replacing milk with soft drinks and thus lacking calcium). While we can’t believe every anti-soda claim, if even a fraction of them are true, we need to change our habits."

"Waist Widener Sweetened drinks can pack on the pounds. If, on average, we're drinking 18 ounces of liquid candy daily, we're adding about 225 calories to our diet. Over the course of a month, that's almost 7,000 additional calories, which can easily translate to a 2-pound gain. Over a year, these drinks could be adding 24 pounds to our bottom line." I don't know about any of you, but MY BOTTOM line, doesn't need any help....
"Drinking soda not only contributes to making people fat, but it also stresses the body's ability to process sugar. Some scientists now suspect that the sweet stuff may help explain why the number of Americans with type 2 diabetes has tripled from 6.6 million in 1980 to 20.8 million today."
So....this is it..wish me luck and good health, because the next 28 days are me giving up my need for soda...my need for the morning can of Dr. Pepper....my need for the ups guy to bring me my case of Cheerwine all the way from North Carolina...
can you please pass me the FiJi
... I'll only be drinking water now....*sigh*..this is DAY ONE and it is hard already, but I can do it...


Babs said...

You can do it! I went cold turkey several years ago and only drink water now. It's hard at first but you'll feel so much better after you kick the habit. Go, go, Michelle!

Lindsay said...

Wow, impressive. Good luck. Maybe someday I will do it too. I should have done it earlier because now it would be a lot harder to kick. I LOVE my Dr. Pepper!

Missi said...

so easy. you've got this

deanna said...

brown soda is the devil!

becky said...

good job girl! i have embraced diet coke despite what anyone says about it. but it's okay because i don't drink too much and i drink loads of water every day.

V. said...

Oh, so awesome! You can totally do it.

Charlotte said...

all i have to say is it's ABOUT TIME! hahahaha. no really though, you'll be happy. Just think of that slimquick commercial. You know the one...my husband stopped drinking soda and lost 10 pounds...then he stopped (whatever it says after that) and he lost 5 pounds. WELL, I'm right there with you. Me and the sneaky diet sprite in my raspberry limeades. we'll be the husband in that commercial. Power to the people. The end. Amen.

Carmen said...

Good luck girl! :) I know you can do it!!

One other thing (to help you when you need motivation), I saw an episode of Super Nanny where the kids were drinking a can of soda at least every day, (maybe more). Anyways, Super Nanny showed the dad that 12 tablespoons of sugar is in 1 can of soda!! She filled a glass with the sugar and put water in it and said this is basically what your kids are drinking (minus the other junk too). I was like WHOA!! ;)

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the best christmas present ever!


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the family dog....so spoiled...but look at his face!