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Friday, March 7, 2008

Gary Coleman is NOT NICE

I wanted to write some cute narrative about my experience yesterday at the DMV where I had the not so pleasant opportunity of seeing Gary Coleman and his not so lovely wife...but it wasn't fun, and they are not nice people.

there we were sitting in the DMV, Chris, Drew and myself and I noticed the mixed match couple first...the boys were not convinced that the little brown man in front of us was THE GARY COLEMAN, so we waited for them to get done and turn around so we could see his face, although I had just watched a re run of Different Stokes just that morning on BET, so I was sure it was him..Drew started chatting with an old friend (apparently everyone goes to the DMV) and Chris took a business call on his cell (who knew how long we'd have to wait, so why not) ...well the tall red head and the short black man got done with their business and turned to leave and sure enough, me and my group were not the only ones who took notice to the little man with the scowl on his face (he really looked mad at the world) Drew said wow, and I said, " I told you so" and Chris a little too loud said to the guy on the phone, " Hold on, I'm watching Gary Coleman leave the DMV." Now, Gary's wife heard this and as the two huffed their way out the door she yelled in this weird I believe she wanted to sound sarcastic or something " Everybody stare it's Gary Coleman" I was shocked, and Chris asked if she heard him, and I told him yeah, and he made a comment about her, but she didn't come back...hmm...at first I wanted to be embarrassed that little scenrio took place, but then I was like, um, Hello, it's freaking Gary Coleman from tv, who isn't going to look...and seriously, if he was that insecure about it..he should've been, I don't know a regular kid who grew up to be a cop or something. I mean, isn't the reason people go into acting is so that they can be famous and have people look at them...NO ONE was taking his picture or anything, people were just watching him leave the DMV for crying out loud, and hello mean lady, isn't the reason you married him the fact that he is Gary Coleman, you can't fool us...he's like, OLD and you're like 21...and honey, you're no Anna Nicole and Gary for sure isn't no J. Howard Marshall !

I saw Donny Osmond once at the Albertson's in Provo near 24 hour Fitness..and he was nice..so nice...


The Harward Family said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Michelle I love you! Your hilarious! Gary Coleman probably never got over his short mans complex.

Babs said...

Poor Gary Coleman. They weight of fame on that man's shoulders must be HUGE! HA HA HA! I'm so glad you got to run into him. Charlton Heston was at the albertson's pharmacy a few years back and he was a grump too. Why do they have to be so grumpy? They are the ones that WANTED to be famous!

Missi said...

I saw Marie Osmond at the ChiCk-Fil-A in University Mall!! I never see celebs here in Cal. How lame!

Purple CJ Diva Duckie said...

Sounds like the two of them deserve each other!
Glad to hear at that Donny was nice!

Sam said...

I had a friend who used to do dialysis at the same clinic as Gary Coleman in Colorado. He said Gary was a total dick to the nurses all the time.

But that's okay, when you're small you don't have to be nice.

deanna said...

THAT'S because Donny is the soldier of LOVE. I'd love to have a movie star boyfriend...I think I'd look fantastic on the cover of People magazine.

Carmen said...

What a story! I've heard on several TV shows (like Inside Edition, E.T., etc) that he isn't very 'polite' or whatever. True, he was famous, so how can someone NOT not look at him?? Some people...go figure?

Lindsay said...

I saw him at a pet store in Orem once. He was rude there too. Acted like he owned everyone. What a poop.

Donny comes to church in our ward quite often (whenever he's in NYC) and I agree. VERY nice.

becky said...

donny IS so nice!! you know who's a huge b**ch? MARIE!! i served her as a waitress several times and not only was she totally rude, she was a poor tipper. donny? average tipper. my sister used to work in accessories at macy's and everyone there hated marie too. get over your post-pardem marie!! booo

michelle <3 said...

I met Marie when I worked at Dillards, everyone was falling all over themselves to help her, and I was like, "who's that?" and they were like "Marie Osmond" ..everyone was so upset that I didn't know her until she was rude....She is one MEAN lady!

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the best christmas present ever!


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the family dog....so spoiled...but look at his face!