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— Max Ehrmann

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

God it's Me...remember me

Dear Heavenly Father,
Are ya there, It’s me Michelle Cordon Lepinski.  I just have a couple of questions regarding my life. I know that there are no refunds or exchanges, and I’m not asking for any changes in policy. I think that maybe I forgot to read the fine print. I mean, SERIOUSLY, this is what I signed up for? I mean don’t get me  wrong;  with all that I’ve experienced in my life.. I’m sitting really pretty right now. I mean,  I’m a part of an AMAZING family that loves me unconditionally and in no means ever makes me feel that I am anything but theirs, and oh my gosh, you’ve given me the most wonderful of friends that anyone can ask for ( please remove the crazies from my life if you can, I mean, they aren’t really my friends anyways)  I have a pretty decent job and most of my days are filled with laughter ( I contribute that to the laugh bank that I keep in my head with the funny stories I hear), but Heavenly Father, it saddens me to tell ya this, but this morning I woke up with the worse feeling.  With everything that you’ve blessed me with, I woke up this morning with the most  intense feeling of wanting. It was so intense that it hurt and I wanted to cry. Not like cry like I did at season 4 of or 2 for that matter of Grey’s Anatomy , but like really cry, like when your heart is missing something or someone so bad all you can do is cry, kind of cry.
What I’m trying to say is that I feel like my life is on pause in a way. Like someone hit the pause button when I have so much more left to do and experience . My mind is in forward motion, everything else around me seems to be moving ahead, but me, my body and my life are just standing still. I want to GO GO GO, and nothing is going on. What’s that about Heavenly Father, who hit the pause button? Was it hit by accident? Or is this it? Is this the life I signed up for, is this all I get? I feel like so much more should happen before it’s all done, and time is running out. Hmmm, could ya let me know somehow some way or another, what I should look for.. I mean, I know you don’t want to give  me a date, or a time frame or anything, but a sense of peace that , that there is more to come; that would do just fine.  Yes please, that will do just fine… Just saying

Love Me


Krissy said...

My heart hurts for you. I love you.

Evie said...

Can i just tell you something friend? Knowing you has brought happiness to my heart. Please know that everyone who knows you, is very very very lucky.

Bee said...

I <3 you! Things will come around soon. I'm always here for you love!

the best christmas present ever!

the best christmas present ever!


There is no use trying, said Alice; one can't believe impossible things. I dare say you haven't had much practice, said the Queen. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

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the family dog....so spoiled...but look at his face!

the family dog....so spoiled...but look at his face!