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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks Austin, you saved my life...Well, my paper

This post is dedicated to Austin, the nice guy at the UVU Library that helped me find some articles so I could finish my paper on Post Modernity and Zygmunt Bauman... I hear that collective sigh from all of you.. I hear Barb saying, " yeah sweetie, good luck with that."
Well I totally rocked my class presentation on him.. Everyone said... but this paper has to be PERFECT!! I need to pass this class to graduate and I think I'm acing all my other ones...so, this class, Contemporary Social Theory is pretty much the hardest one I have, and I have a lot of hard classes!!
Charlotte.. you're going to be pissed but picture it... I was wearing pink knit beenie, a gray sweatshirt ( inside out) black lounge pants, ankle socks and my navy blue house shoes when I could not find some articles that I printed out the other day.. I was finally on a roll and in the zone about this paper and ARRRGGGGG , Where the capital H were some important papers... I almost cried, but instead, I said, " I'm just going to go to school and go the library..." that's right Charlotte, I was a hot mess in 5 different colors and didn't give a crap.. I went to school like that...ME!! and I NEVER leave the house undone!
The check out desk sent me to the reference desk and that's where I met him.. Austin.. bless his heart, he didn't seem to mind that I looked liked a homeless person, he just wanted to help and he helped... He helped me print out six more resources for my paper and told me where I could find a book by Bauman that the school library carried ( Barnes and Nobles and Borders do not carry books on post modernism and Liquid Modernity for some reason)... I heard the Angels singing... my paper is saved and I am still in the zone.. please bless I don't lose it .. My paper is due at one pm on friday....

( this post was a five minute time out because I PROMISED y'all a post every day for the month of December)

So, to the Utah Valley University Library and to Austin...Thanks for saving my paper, and my blog

ps... there are a lot of cute guys who hang out at the library..why haven't I gone there all semester?????


Krissy said...

LOL Why didn't you take a picture??? I totally need a visual. lol Hooray for super cute dudes that come to the rescue!!! Heaven knows we need more of them. LOL

deanna said...

Library? What's a library?

Charlotte said...

hahahaha... hello? Why would I be pissed? You should see ME right now! I wear AMMON's clothes because I refuse to spend money on clothing I'll only wear for 3 more weeks... however, I must say...black and blue? Oh Honey... we make fun of those people remember?! Lol. I love it. the other day I was out walking around in black sweatpants and an orange zippy...well, lets just say his XL zippy is a lil snug around the middle...I looked a lil interesting to say the least! Especially since his pants are about 3 inches too long for me. Ohhh well... At least you got your stuff done!

Cooper said...

Hey hey Michelle, this is Austin b-t-w. Bless my heart? Bless YOUR heart!I am glad I could help you out on your paper! You should probably take a pic of how big that stack of articles was that i hooked you up with... that was a lot of info!

tessa marie said...

you're cute!! i love that you went out like that! those were my favorite school days! you're such a cute little student! i miss you!!!

KJ said...

Ohhhhh I am so excited to be a library-studying girl come Januart :)

Also, I don't feel so bad for missing like 5 posts this week :) We got some catching up to do!

Mrs. Lyndsee said...

Did UVSC change its name to Utah Valley University? Weird...And do they have a new library? Maybe you need to invest some more time there. :) Your husband could be waiting in the non-fiction section letter "K." :)

Missi said...


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Charlotte said...

MORE BLOGS PLEASE!!! Blog about how i've been ruining tv for you for the last 2 months!!! ANYTHING!!!

Charlotte said...

speaking of...isn't grey's on tonight?!! Eh? Eh?

the best christmas present ever!

the best christmas present ever!


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the family dog....so spoiled...but look at his face!